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How To Successfully Launch Your Consulting Business During These Uncertain Times
You've developed your skills, knowledge and expertise over your career. But successfully starting and running a consulting business requires a different set of tools, especially during these uncertain times.

Learn the 3 step process you can use right now to manage and successfully start and run your consulting business. 

3 Steps to Become a Successful Consultant

And how to do this during the current pandemic in uncertain times

Jump Start Strategy

It's not about content, it's about conversations. Learn how to use points of leverage to land your first clients and jump start your consulting business the right way.

Who to Focus On, What to Say

You've accumulated great experience over the years. You can offer many things to many people. The key to your success  is identifying who and what to focus on.

Strategic Offers & Pricing

One of the biggest mistakes consultants make is undercharging. Learn the optimal pricing strategy for your situation and how to package and position your services.
I'm Michael Zipursky, CEO and Co-founder of Consulting Success®. I've  helped over 350 consultants in over 50 industries across the globe add six and seven figures to their annual revenues.

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Over the last 19 years of starting and growing multiple consulting companies I've advised organizations like Financial Times, Dow Jones, RBC, Omron, Sumitomo and helped Panasonic launch new products into global markets.

I know what it takes to start and scale a successful consulting business.
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